About him

Saad Ali was born in 1953 in Diwania – Iraq. He studied in Design and Graphic Arts at the Baghdad Academy of Art.At age 21 he moved to Europe, to study at the prestigious Academy of Art in Florence and Perugia – Italy.

Saad Ali, in addition to painting in oil, is a painter who masters the technique of fresco painting, since he studied this method of painting at the Academy of Fresco with that of his Master Pietro Annigoni in Piazzale Donatello, Italy.

He could be called a poet painter, since his paintings fill with emotion, each work tells his own story, brings us closer to a world of dreamlike images, of great vividness and chromatic intensity, and at the same time tremendously delicate and intimate. 

Some images that, although influenced by the plastic tradition of his native culture, Mesopotamia, have also been impregnated with his relationship with culture, the natural and social environment of the cities where he has spent his life and evolving his work.